On the Move: 2035

San Benito Regional Transportation Plan

The Council of San Benito County Governments prepares a county-wide Regional Transportation Plan every four years. The Plan considers future growth and the transportation investments needed to support the planned expansion of residential, commercial, and industrial sectors. The Plan sets forth policy over the next 20 years. The Plan was adopted June 19, 2014.


The preparation of the Plan involves addressing new state requirements as well as gathering opinions from community groups, policy makers, other governmental agencies, and interested residents.


New to the Regional Transportation Plan

The new Regional Transportation Plan includes new chapters which will address state and federal transportation policies. The Plan will include a robust discussion of the following topics:


*Expanded Funding Assumptions – provides options for addressing the gap between the amounts of money we expect to receive compared with the amounts of money needed to solve our transportation problems.

*Complete Streets – addresses street design to embrace everyone, including motorists, pedestrians, bicyclists, the elderly, people with disabilities, transit users, and those ages 8 to 80.


*Healthy Communities – addresses how transportation policy and project decision making impacts obesity, pollution, and quality of life.


*Economic Vitality – discusses the connection between transportation investments and the short and long-term economic vitality of the region for job creation, freight mobility, and time spent stuck in traffic.


*Sustainable Communities Strategy – discusses the Association of Monterey Bay Area Governments Sustainable Communities Strategy via Senate Bill 375, which requires Regional Transportation Plans to evaluate the connection between transportation and land use in relation to greenhouse gas emissions. To view the Sustainable Communities Strategy, click here!

2010 RTP Draft Supplemental Environmental Impact Report2010 RTP Draft Supplemental Environmental Impact Rep